Employee Personal Leave Incentive Program Offered

Full-time Cabell employees can earn up to $1,125 with leave incentive program
Posted on 06/01/2018
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At their meeting May 15, 2018, the Cabell County Board of Education unanimously approved Superintendent Ryan Saxe’s recommendation the district pilot a Personal Leave Incentive Program for the 2018-2019 school year.

“We know that an employee hired in an instructional or administrative role is the most qualified person to encourage our students’ academic success,” says Ryan Saxe, Cabell County Schools Superintendent.  “Also, no one knows their job better than our highly-skilled service personnel. Their regular attendance directly affects the safety and well-being of children.”

All full-time and half-time service and professional employees are eligible to participate in the program, which is designed to encourage consistent attendance. An employee is rewarded with a $75 payment for each of their unused personal leave days up to a maximum of 15 days. This means every full-time employee could potentially earn an additional $1,125. Payment will be made to the employee at the conclusion of the fiscal year.

There are a few limits intentionally built into the program. To receive pay for unused personal leave days, a full-time employee must not utilize more than five leave days during their contract term. Half-time employees must not utilize more than two and a half leave days. Personal leave days include personal days, sick days, emergency days, leave without cause days, and days without pay. Employees utilizing pre-approved “flex” days or vacation days will not be penalized for missing work on those days.

“We are working to be creative in finding ways to competitively compensate our employees for their hard work and dedication,” continues Mr. Saxe. “I am very pleased to be able to offer this personal leave incentive to every single one of our district’s employees.”

As a pilot program, the Personal Leave Incentive Program will be reviewed annually by the Cabell County Board of Education before approval for the next school year.   Continuation of the program will be determined by the availability of funds and the effectiveness of the program.

“Ultimately, we are hopeful the incentive program will encourage consistent attendance among all our employees, reward good attendance, improve the effectiveness of our instructional program, and reduce overall losses often associated with absenteeism such as substitute costs and down time,” adds Mr. Saxe. “The Board members and I are committed to improving the economic competitiveness of our talented employees by actively rewarding their dedication to our students’ success.” 


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